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The Vision

Affinity Real-Estate Investment Company, a strategic and vertically integrated Real Estate Investment platform in St Louis Missouri offering a wide variety of Real Estate Investment services. From educating new investors to the marketplace, or serving highly experienced institutional and private equity investment partners, Affinity Real Estate Investment Company is a growing enterprise in the St Louis Real Estate Investment industry.

The Mission, to be a Regional Midwest leader in Strategic Real Estate Investing in the residential single and multi family asset class. Bringing together a hand-selected team with decades of residential and commercial real estate, construction, and property management experience, lends our strategic partners the most unique real estate investing experience in St Louis today.

The Opportunity, by the end of 2010, President and CEO of Affinity Real Estate Investments Companies turned his enterprises and decades of real estate experience to begin building a cutting edge full-service Real Estate Investment platform in St Louis, Missouri. Like others in the buy to sell real estate business, the downturn in the local real estate and broader economy created hardship and opportunity in real estate investing. Simply, the market was broken. Affinity quickly repositioned their business strategies to become a leader and pioneer in a newly institutionalized buy to rent single family space. Its initial focus was assisting the St Louis community by stabilizing homes from the glutted of distressed residential single-family homes being dumped into the market place. Affinity realized the over supply of distressed homes significantly weakened and destabilized its neighborhoods and communities with deteriorated vacant homes left to be vandalized. Through proper renovations and upgrades, Affinity believed these homes could be stabilized with hardworking St Louis families from around its community whom otherwise been left out of a home due to the worst economy since the great depression. Affinity additionally knew it could help create jobs, be a positive impact to its local unemployment escalation, and eventually give a future road map to home-ownership once finance regained strength and back into the market place. With its strategic operational partnerships with large private equity and institutional investment groups, Affinity scaled its operations to where it is today.

Today, Affinity Real-Estate Investing Companies are made up of multiple affiliated real estate divisions vertically built and integrated to handle every aspect of Real Estate Investing in the residential (single or multi) buy to rent – buy to sell space. Affinity has multiple strategic Partnerships that has expanded its reach through out the midwest. It has been successful building teams, process, and structure to responsibly deploy/invest large amounts of capital throughout the St Louis real estate market place, as well as 5 other major cities in 3 states. Through its acquisitions, renovations, and property management teams, Affinity has built a regionally vertical integrated single-family rental platforms for its strategic ventures, partnerships, and national clients. Affinity continues to forecast tremendous growth in the buy to rent/buy to sell markets. Its ambition to bring scale and power to its high-level institutional and nationally accredited private equity investment partnerships afforded Affinity’s leadership to build a team that lends many years of experience. To date, Affinity has purchased, stabilized, and round tripped its capital for its investors on over 2000 single family homes in St Louis, and in part of over 4000 homes through out the midwest and Texas. The Affinity team and partnerships consists of highly energetic and experienced construction and real estate investor minded professionals. With experienced leadership, Affinity believes its most valuable assets offered to its customers today are their team.

The End Game, The ownership of Affinity Real Estate Investment Company enjoys educating new investors wanting to make a difference in their lives. Whether lending its knowledge in a single real estate investment project, or aspiring to partner with small or large strategic ventures buying many projects, Affinity desires to help investors take advantage and maximize its real estate investing opportunities. The Affinity team is very passionate about real estate and real estate investing, and the changes it can bring to one’s life. At Affinity, we aspire to build a successful real estate investing platform that serves its customers with unique Purpose, Passion, Perspective, Detail, and Integrity. Affinity’s management knows what a strong team and an eye for Quality, Innovation, and Value can do for its customers, and believes anything is possible! Team, Product, and Process! With all three elements working harmoniously, Affinity knows the sky is the limit!