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Affinity Real-Estate Investment Company is a strategic and vertically integrated real estate investment platform formed in St Louis Missouri offering a wide variety of real estate investment services. Serving highly experienced institutional and private equity investment partners, Affinity Real Estate Investment Company is a leader in St Louis Real Estate Investment industry.

St. Louis Property Acquisitions

Real Estate AcquisitionsOur acquisition team and strategic focus gives our clients great advantages and allowed us to generate higher rental yields than our competitors in the same asset classes. With our proprietary processes, technology, and algorithms, this allows Affinity to identify, analyze and predict rents and values quickly. Our speed and scale and in depth market knowledge allows Affinity to ascertain with a high degree of probability the assets that qualify for our client’s specific returns. This gives us the unique striking advantage to find, buy, renovate and stabilize a greater number of properties more accurately to meet our clients’ goals.
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Renovations and Construction Services

Building and ConstructionAffinity knows “The Buy Price” is the most critical part of the process when acquiring real estate. In order to achieve an accurate return for our clients, we must accurately budget our Renovation cost. Cost controls and renovation estimation is critical to accurately predicting and producing the highest yields to our clients. We have a full in house management team monitoring these objectives. Our unique process, technology, and oversight lend us great advantages above our competitors. We have set policies and procedures in-place to control additional cost requirements that may arise during the renovations process. Affinity’s renovation teams are led by seasoned teams and contractors to ensure accuracy and the ability to make appropriate construction decisions that will give our clients the highest and best returns possible. We have an entire in house Construction Management Team who provide solid estimates for work to be performed, give support to our network of General Contractors, and sign off on a 90 point check list to monitor Quality of work. Our construction team and network of general contractors have the capacity to manage large volumes of homes.
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St. Louis Rental Property Management

property management on your St. Louis rental homesThe final critical phase of our vertically integrated process is maximizing our yields to our investors by the speed and accuracy of our prediction of rents for the asset we intend to stabilize. Our unique systems and process allow our teams to communicate from the buy side of the process, through our construction process, and finally to allow us to maximize our yield by leasing the home. Our team analyzes micro market details such as existing portfolio data, current market comparable and data, third party rental data, tax records, and multiple listing systems. Our unique standardized underwriting systems allow us to follow strict reproducible underwriting analysis and results by focusing on a tenants ability and willingness to pay their debts. We focus on rental history, credit history, and income and employment history to determine risk of potential tenant. Our management team integrates superior technology, systems, and staff to execute. We offer highly experienced Managers that have in depth experience managing Single Family or Multi Family residential homes.