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AffinityREI is taking full advantage of the real estate recovery for its partners. St. Louis’ housing market continues recovering in 2018 from the so-called “Great Recession,’ even though its pace has historically been slower than in other areas of the country, St Louis is seeing steady appreciation. Homes are selling quickly and out pacing supply according to the St Louis Board of Realtors. It’s definitely a Sellers market again. When making choices in real estate investments, you need an experienced team to drive results.

st-louis-real-estate-marketAs new home construction continues to recover, the lack of supply puts strong pressures on existing housing so prices are appreciating. AffinityREI continues to take advantage of this opportunity forecasting continued YOY growth for its partner’s portfolio.

Bills Emmons, an economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis’ Division of Banking Supervision and Regulation, told a group that St. Louis is following national trends in the housing market 2015 will be a strong year for the economy due to low energy prices, a strong job market and good financial conditions, such as a strong stock market. These are the forces and factors that have come together in 2015 and this is quickly becoming a sensational year. All economic indicators are showing real estate appreciation is on the rise and we believe this will be a record year.

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