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Restoration Process

After the initial meeting with your sales representative, you and your representative will discuss the initial findings. You will talk about the damages that your home sustained – both the damages that you are aware of, and that the sales rep was able to identify. If you’ve met with your insurance adjuster, you’ll also review any paperwork they may have sent. If you have not yet met with your adjuster, your sales representative will work with you to schedule and then attend a meeting. The Initial Agreement is important because it gives Affinity Building Solutions your written authority to contact your insurance company on your behalf, and then act in your best interest.

Like any written agreement, the addendum serves as a placeholder for any additional information not included on the first page of the Initial Agreement. The addendum is normally one page, but may include more depending on the scope and details that you and your sales representative want to include.

Once you have signed the initial agreement, your sales representative will arrange for Affinity Building Solutions’s measurers to take measurements of your home, which will be the same measurements that your insurance adjuster will take. Next, the measurer will give the data to our in-house adjuster, who then enters the measurements into our estimation software, giving us an estimated cost for the restoration of your home. Depending on where you are in your insurance process, our office will do one of the following:
If You Have Met Your Adjuster: We will request a copy of the adjuster’s Scope of Work (if your sales representative has not already retrieved a copy from you) and compare the numbers. If the numbers do not match and we find that the adjuster’s estimate is not enough to cover your home restoration costs, we will submit a supplement. If the numbers do match, we will move on to the next step.

If You Have Not Met With Your Adjuster: We will still take our own measurements and attend the insurance adjuster meeting with you to ensure that the adjuster’s information is as accurate as possible. Often the adjusters will let our company handle the entire process. Once the final measurements have been taken and your insurance adjuster and Affinity Building Solutions are on the same page, we will begin the next phase in our process.

Our office will help you stay in constant communication with your insurance company. We work with over 400 insurance companies who often tell us that they appreciate our services. Our priority is to work on your behalf, with your insurance company, to ensure that your settlement is fair and will be handled as quickly as possible. The sooner we get you through the process, the sooner we can get your home restored!

In many cases, insurance companies send independent adjusters to your home to take measurements. These adjusters are not contractors so often their estimates are not accurate. Our in-house adjusters will take independent measurements, based on each contract’s specifications, to ensure that our customers get all the money they need to restore their home. When our adjusters find the insurance settlement’s dollar amount and our estimates do not match, we will submit a supplement to the insurance company. Once the supplement is approved (which is usually the case), we notify you and move on to the next step.

Similar to Initial Agreement, the final contract will state all of the same information. The difference is that the final contract includes the final amount of funds that we were able to secure for your home restoration.

Once your home restoration has been scheduled to begin, you can begin to pick out your details: the kind of shingles for your roof, your flooring choices and your paint selections are all part of this process.

The restoration process is normally the fastest part of the process. Depending on the extent of damage, our crews can have even the most damaged homes completed in less than 14 days-most homes in less than 5 days!

It is important that we keep in touch during the restoration process. Our project managers will constantly supervise your project to make sure that every detail is covered. They will be available to talk with you about your project’s progress, and will work closely with your sales representative on all aspects of your home’s restoration.

Affinity Building Solutions wants to hear from you. We are always looking for ways to improve our services, and once your home restoration is completed, we may ask you to take pictures of our work and then submit them to us with your comments. Let us know how we performed for you. Because in the end, it’s not about contracts and cost estimates; it’s about having customers who are happy with their homes.